OK, so the weird weather and infrastructure crisis exacerbated by the Galbraithian combination of private affluence and public squalor is being monitored by the local newspaper using a web platform for 140-character snarkfarts and cat photos, and their robot air force. That, you know, provincial newspapers just have at the back of the newsroom. This is basically a Bruce Sterling novel, isn’t it?

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  1. dubdobdee

    As a proud son of Shrewsbury, I faintly need to point out — not that it diminishes your point or indeed the severity of floods elswhere — that that image shows a car-park built in the curve of a riverbend on a flood plain that has flooded something like this literally every other year since records began. So weird weather is not really the villain *here*: Shropshire is flat, soft, low-lying and alluvial, with a fvck-off big river that winds lazily through it. It busts its banks a LOT.

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