the Airbus supply chain, the press, and leopards

The Daily Telegraph is suddenly worried about the future of the aviation industry post-Brexit. As well it might be.

But I remember distinctly that the source, the Engineering Employers’ Federation, spoke out in this sense during the referendum campaign. So did the individual companies involved, and the trade unions. And the Telegraph thought this was all a lot of evil propaganda from George Osborne, a politician whose career it had been systematically promoting for years.

To adapt a now-classic joke, it’s as if the Institute of Leopards and Faceripping had issued the following warning: Voting for the Leopards Ripping Your Face Off Party may cause your face to be ripped off by leopards! And the Daily Telegraph replies: We’ve had enough of experts’ so-called advice. Vote leopard!

52% duly vote for the leopards. A few months on, the Institute of Leopards is back: We’re observing unusually high incidences of faceripping associated with leopard activity. And the Daily Telegraph is all: Shit! Leopards! Somebody do something!

2 Comments on "the Airbus supply chain, the press, and leopards"

  1. I am guessing the ‘oh noe leopards’ got through because someone is on their Easter hols, ‘omnomnom my face, feast away Leopards, what doesn’t kill me makes me yeaaaaaaaargh’ will resume as soon as possible.


    1. I wonder if “Leopards eating your face builds character” is the driving emotion behind the upsurge in “spank the millenial snowflake” articles recently…


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