You Say Virgin, We Say Die!

So, after the Phorm evilhood, and the weird brokenness detailed here, and the 30-odd hour no-notice outage they dropped on me just after I started working from home, literally driving me to drink (the nearest operational open WLAN I found was in a pub), now Virgin Media comes up with this. It’s not just the delight with which they want to deliberately spoil everyone else’s day to extract cash from non-customers, it’s the contempt, to say nothing of the ideological horror within revealed by someone who thinks bus lanes exist to make buses go slower. Well, I’ve got all the contempt anyone can handle, so I’ve just churned to I’ll be cancelling on Virgin just as soon as they hook up my new ADSL link.

3 Comments on "You Say Virgin, We Say Die!"

  1. Does this mean, as a representative of all Virgin evilitude, that I’m banned from the drinks on Thursday? I’ve got a couple of bones to pick with Charlie’s deductions and in any case, another VM mate’s in London the same night to provide muscle if it turns nasty.


  2. As a guy who spends a bit of time in bus lanes – sometimes on buses, more often slipstreaming them – it took me a bit of time to get my head round the VM honcho’s pronouncement, since he obviously thinks that bus lanes, being for poor people, are slower. What else hasn’t he noticed?

    Chris Williams


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