Towards an Empirical Determination of Sampling Error in Iain Dale’s Survey

At number 7 in Total Politics’ Top 100 Left-Wing Blogs: “Alternate Seat of YTR”. That’s apparently me.

At number 100 in Total Politics’ Top 100 Left-Wing Blogs: “The Yorkshire Ranter”. That’s also me. I thought personality went a long way, but it looks like looks have quite an impact. Or maybe it’s Don Blaney who puts these things together?

Yes, I’ll get around to moving the whole thing over into the new look’n’feel, in my own facilities…as soon as I get round to it, program something to map all the individual permalinks on the two systems together, etc. It’s as much fun as Virgin Media’s billing department in here. But did nobody over at MessageSpace/YouGov/WebCameron/Teh E-Conservative Movement notice that I’m not just a member of the Liberal Democrats, but a candidate for election several times over?

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