the Israeli occupation of Harrowell

More Dadadodo. Here’s some Daniel Davies:

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Yours truly. (The title of this post was itself taken from the output.)

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Melanie Phillips, again:

It received financial assistance from Muslim demonstrators, a hugely unwarranted risk by the trying the few who are graduates. Email to have? The Spectator Business Wine Club Book is her most recent by Israeli nine killed by an Afghan intellectual of Mathematical Physics at the world during the wealthy Gulf countries. And fast. Email registration Free quote now a society what terror. BOSC LEBAT, SW France of occasions round The United Comments Peppers and tomatoes today, it received financial assistance from France: of antisemitism Political alienation and eliminating the few who are graduates: of nuggets from a friend Permalink Comments That we are demonstrably false; d, the operation; Cast Lead, Israeli forces.

Oliver Kamm:

Hence the Soviet discussion is totally unacceptable. Sadiq Khan, who suffered and republican criticism are an even more than that trade but he concludes. In having been sorry to be. While Galloway, is fully consistent with This way is necessarily the UK and criticises Nick for a member for some years ago that the greatest men who threaten us all known Communist. Those who ever lived was a right of Communism from serious political stances: British government is indeed, not ignore the tasteless cartoon is Global trade But that description comes from various Muslim organisations to Gold Standard Paul half a small point but I know nothing it’s a friend that has been exercised,

Communist ideology

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Those who threaten us all: his best to declare the arrangement supposedly underpinned public from this crisis, as well known. Communist rule has emerged that It’s a leader writer at PM in the benefit of debate to Islamist reaction. participle, and now the Fabians would not about competition but I’ve seen no evidence that in the Observer was to be his depiction of University fees, should for to an undergraduate, when I say, this went further entry in quoted in tuition fees a very few sensible Comments (TrackBack university fees they were in high esteem by slightly altering my view in International politics Permalink Comments TrackBack on the value accorded to combat terror the American Communism from serious Nick for away is necessarily the Comments TrackBack the obvious)!

Hughes British government is a long scholar who threaten adds to me how to state the Comments saying the Fabian Society mid on its own fate as well. In England and massive crimes of the genitive Case for a fool, and republican who ever lived was less an a leader writer. Subscribe to an essential part the participants were in a serious political Commentary may the station to the Soviet Union, Is a but it’s a social democratic Wing needed to the begins but new editor of Christians in Iraq. It ought to be his Washington Which Krauthammer, neatly summarises.

The midst of public or private; speak only Stalin, Robeson, vehemently is of university fees they of fascism.

Kamm: raging paranoia.

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  1. Invocation of the Gold Standard acts like a genetic marker for right wing loony toons.

    the greatest men who threaten us all known Communist.

    Seems a bit out of date.


  2. Fascinating; there’s a kind of dreamlike quality to the way it almost but not quite makes sense. If you skim-read it you get a very accurate impression of the topics that the source covers, and also, more interestingly, the general tone of the writing. It’s the sort of thing that you can imagine the originals blogging after some massive neurological insult, like a weekend in Belgium drinking Trappist Double.


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