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  1. ITYM Powerbook G4, 12″. The aluminium chassis saved about 2mm on thickness and 300 grams on weight while preserving the essential dimensions of the beast — and giving it a better keyboard.


  2. Bah. I have no experience of that device, and no complaint about the kbd. I would happily take one now; like a “netbook” but useful!


  3. Whether it was the least annoying computer of your experience is something, I would imagine, only you can judge.

    Having said that, I find my MacPro dual core 2.2GHz, 15″ glossy screen, extremely nice; photos just look beautiful on that screen.

    There are only two annoyances, one minor and one major:

    The minor one is the switch to the new, smaller FireWire port, which means I had to get a new cable to connect my FireWire drives, and I’ll have to get an adapter if I ever want to connect my digital video camera (which I actually almost never use, as it turns out, so that’s unlikely).

    The major one is the switch to the DisplayPort video output, which means I can’t easily connect the damned thing to my non-digital television, which has only S-video in. I can now shell out a shedload and get a D-A converter box, or I can wait until my TV eventually dies, or I can continue to use the S-video out on my old TiG4, which is now my wife’s computer.

    The 12″ was nice and compact, however; no question about that.


  4. I miss my 12″ PowerBook. The keyboard was amazing, the construction unbeatable. Batteries have a limited life though.

    Has anyone used both one of those and an Air? Are they comparable?


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