Really delighted with the changes you’ve seen in Britain? Especially the ones embodied in architecture, the art that we shape and that then shapes us? Let the Labour Party, and any other party that shows up (we like a good party) know, by adding your photos of change to this Flickr group!

So far I can see a lot of stuff from user “Labour” (hey – communications signed by a Thing – it doesn’t get any more Web 2.0 than that), at least one obvious sleeper, and someone calling themselves “Womble Lancs” who is posting a hell of a lot of pictures of public buildings in Lancashire and Greater Manchester and whose user pic shows someone on a motorbike. The only possible conclusion is that this person is actually Hazel Blears.

I’d like to broaden this out, though; why not photos of change inflicted on the public by the powerful more generally? Anyway, I’ll be on it as soon as I’ve given Yahoo! actual “money” in exchange for more Flickr space; it’s a new business model in Web 3.1415 that might catch on, apparently.

(Appreciation is due to Owen Hatherley.)

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