May 2010

I disbelieve strongly in all attempts to define “generation this or that”. So I was reading this with at least a pint of scorn, when it occurred to me that I was working in a tech start-up and I’d been to a 2-Tone gig at the weekend.

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I really need this book. It’s already on order. Relatedly, Chris Dillow points out that managerialism doesn’t work any better in the negative sense – cuts – than it does in the positive sense – spending, or at least, that as I’ve said before, if you believe the state is by definition incompetent to allocate…

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Has anyone ever accused Amnesty International of being silent on (insert abuse here) and not been lying through their teeth? Seriously; I’ve had this argument so many times on the Internet since, ooh, 1996 or thereabouts. It always follows this pattern: A: Amnesty International says that some government/movement/company/faceless mob B supports is doing something incredibly…

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