not Thursday, so it must be a music link

Also a neat remix here, although my Internet link still tends to jam every time a comment comes up on soundcloud.

Tangentially, I saw a poster for Jon Pleased Wimmin (of all possible DJs) the other day, which made me think “Bloody hell, I thought he was dead? Or at least rendered generally harmless?” So much so that I was about to pass some remark to that effect, when I realised I was enormously tempted to follow up with “I know he’s dead…because I killed him.” Also, I didn’t ask someone if the haddock, as a blackboard appeared to say, really was “21 days aged”. This sort of thing is funny, and then it gets less funny. It rather worries me that it wasn’t so long ago I’d have been unable not to say it. I mean, I told a cold-caller who asked if I was the homeowner that I was a burglar, and another that I was monitoring the line for MI5 in the interests of national security.

Progressively realising that “brilliantly funny” is quite often “fucking tiresome”. It took a while. Fortunately there’s you, reader, to take it out on.

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