Compare and contrast. My review of the Gary Oldman Tinker, Tailor…, CMcM‘s.

Your 1000 favourite Wikipedia articles. What is it with the critic and the ass-hat? As it’s their XML export pages, perhaps somebody’s experiment has gone out of kilter. But then, why is the User Datagram Protocol at no.12? It would be interesting to compare the top 1000 pages for edits.

Olympic security idiocy – man who hasn’t done anything wrong punished for using London Overground.

A preview of the Olympic legacy.

Britain’s tallest building is still in Yorkshire.

If you’re so clever, Maynard, why aren’t you rich? Well…here’s an assessment of Keynes as fund manager.

This might get useful – a web-based, workgroup IDE built out of Google Wave salvage.

Identifying neighbourhood boundaries. The next step would be to ask a sample of estate agents and overlay theirs on the map.

This is going to get a work-out at Blood & Treasure, but two things struck me – one, that the police eventually did something about it out of injured pride, and secondly, the weird intersection of the story with the Chilean intelligence service’s bombing campaign.

(PS, I have been applying for a slot on the local CCG this afternoon.)

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