The CDR high is powerfully addictive. See also the Malte Spitz stasimulator.

Alan West doesn’t quite say that the sudden appearance and sudden disappearance of the “defence black hole” has a lot to do with clever accounting, but gets a lot of the way there.

Jamie Kenny explains why Chinese doctors smoke.

Noahopinion and Facts discuss productivity-wages divergence and what happened in the early 1970s. (If it’s oil, why did it happen in the UK when we were awash in oil? Also, unless I’m on crack, doesn’t the combination of the labour and total-factor productivity numbers imply the productivity of capital fell, in which case we need to explain how its share of the cake managed to increase even more than we do anyway?)

HOWTO fire the Davy Crockett tiny-nuke.

Ian visits the Wapping Bunker and fails to find the kabbalistic pyramid of obsidian which confined the eater of souls, although Rebekah Brooks’ walk-in wardrobe sounds a great place to start looking. I’m still in favour of total demolition and ploughing with salt. Less scary Charlie Stross story.

I want one of these.

The convergence between computer games and jet fighter cockpits again.

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