The year everything went impossibly creepy

So, are we going to get the name of the Tory paedophile (or paedophiles) or the confirmation of just how far Becky Asbo and Dave from PR’s relationship went first? I just ask because I want to prepare for the inevitable storm-surge of everything that is creepy in advance. Sandbags. Back-up generators. Areas of wetland protected from development as buffer floodplains. Perhaps a really big concrete embankment.

Apparently the Tories have initiated a mole-hunt in the Conservative Central Office. I think they may have misunderstood the concept. Somebody who objects to this stuff is better described as a normal human being, although there is an obvious question as to what the hell they’re doing there in the first place.

I’m finding it difficult to reconcile all the information in the public domain with any one individual. One of the people who is mentioned a lot was never a cabinet minister or a No.10 aide, although this depends in part on how strictly you define “No.10 aide”, although he was certainly powerful, important, and a Tory, while another was a Tory but hardly important, especially at the time.

Interestingly, the vast conspiracist literature doesn’t mention Kenneth Clarke at all, which is not surprising, as he doesn’t fit the description even slightly. This is a reminder that when the Tory Right smear, they really go for it, and it’s Europe that still pushes their buttons. Similarly, Leon Brittan has been libelled five million times in the last 48 hours, and he doesn’t fit the description at all – but he was a European commissioner and that’s evidently enough to make him a target. (Also, perhaps a hint of anti-Semitism there?) Fascinatingly, despite all this, there isn’t enough traffic for Google Trends to compare the activity, even if you constrain it to a percentage of UK search volume only.

Anyway, here’s the Daily Telegraph from the 20th October, reporting that Edwina Currie put Jimmy Savile in charge of Broadmoor (and that Savile brought in an old mate from Leeds, now a Tory councillor, as a manager). Here’s me from the 13th. Amazing what you can find out with facts.

Beyond that, I’m conflicted between the impulse to dig like a bastard (hey, a Tory would look great up there on the wall with Viktor) and the generally sordid nature of the whole exercise. I do think, though, that it’s probably time to re-read this post on Operation Ore, as a caution to the witch-hunt mentality.

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