Closing the books on the week

I have just realised I’ve also written notes expandable to about 800 words of final blog on what to do about the pathological firm, ranging over Occupy, MPs’ expenses, Corey Robin, conservative arguments for radical goals. Whew. And I have drafts on other subjects. But I think I’ll let the first one get home and just share this joke from my Twitter feed, which I’m really amazed nobody responded to.

Meanwhile, my week included a trip to Dubai and back. This post was good, wasn’t it? It’s not quite like it was back then, although I barely got out of my hotel. (Mind you, some would say nothing could be more authentic.) I have a vague impression of settling into making a business of it now the boom’s over. Also, nobody offered me commercial sex and I didn’t encounter any war profiteers, but the Secret Dubai Diary is still censored, 18 months after it shut down and you can see why.

Horrified to realise I took part in Dave’s big Gulf export drive, I then capped the week by going to see Frankie Knuckles at XOYO (I seem to have had a blonde sort of week); horribly, I see the new owners have decided that bare concrete walls aren’t industrial enough (!) and covered them with fake brickwork. Owen Hatherley to the batphone!

I have been glued to the aircraft carrier build-blog’s Flickr. Shameless military-industrial complex propaganda, how are ya.

Alan Beattie tweeted me this: Republicans kippered by dodgy consultants.

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