Blogcast: a self-binding admin notice

Things I’d like to post in the near future:

A Critique of Pure Reason, James Reason – if there was nearly a run on Barclays yesterday, would we know?

Perhaps some more on the pathological firm – this is dependent on me working out whether the rest is worth writing.

Celebrating the genius of William Langewiesche – I was once asked at an interview for a journo job who I admired. I said Robert Fisk. I hadn’t yet noticed that Patrick Cockburn’s reporting is better, and I don’t think I’d read any Langewiesche. It was the Financial News and they gave me a telling off because Fisk was apparently weak on facts.

Design considerations and engineering requirements for m-health apps, from a pro-patient perspective – I am regularly horrified by this, and I think a rant might do it some good

My favourite aeroplane in 200 words for Hushkit – I’m planning something influenced by Erik Lund’s awesome blog, but I think it’s going to need writing and then cutting down.

Others: Something on AFOE about the fragmentation of the right, swinging off UKIP, the UMP fiasco, and a rather fantastic Le Monde profile of Alain Orsoni.

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    1. Yes. American Ground, his book on taking the World Trade Center ruins apart, is fantastic. The piece on the sinking of Estonia from The Outlaw Sea is terrifying. And this piece on the Legion is just awesome (even if it doesn’t now have the sidebar link to “Photos: Backstage with the Victoria’s Secret Angels” it did when I read. the genius of the magazine format is alive!)


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