house music all night long.

The Daily Mirror mocks Lord Freud’s overhoused condition and quotes Owen Jones:

We’re told this is about bringing down the £21billion housing benefit bill. But we’d save much more if we stopped using housing benefit to line the pockets of private landlords charging absurd rents.

Building homes would create jobs, and if we brought rents under control, we could bring down the housing benefit bill.

But we can hop ahead here. A housebuilding program would be worth having, but it can’t possibly happen for years. If it’s a question of whether properties rented to LHA claimants should be financed with BTL mortgages or by local authorities, it’s a nobrainer. Even putting up with the cuts, we could buy out the landlords under the Simple Plan.

Watch this space, as a guest post is currently with them.

(Remember Dan Kahneman; repetition, repetition, repetition.)

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