A very short post about Iraq

A quick post, too long for twitter.

The problem with telling me that you got it wrong about Iraq because you’re such a nice guy is that all I hear is someone telling me they mistook the shit for chocolate in good faith. Yes, yes, I feel your pain. You meant well.

But I’m still not sending you to the shop on your own.

3 Comments on "A very short post about Iraq"

  1. Actually I don’t think he’s saying that, he’s saying something even dumber. He still thinks he was right to support it.

    He also works for the Israeli government’s propaganda wing (UK subsidiary). So there’s that.


  2. Akehurst is still there. He still thinks it was right to invade Iraq and that people who opposed the invasion should have been expelled from the Labour Party. He still thinks that Harold Wilson should have sent troops to Vietnam. He is in favour of US and UK support for the bombing of Yemen, “because Iran”.

    It is hard to know why. He appears to see Iran as the bogeyman of the Middle East but still claim that the invasion of Iraq (which gave Iran a strategic boost) was right. I presume that this sort of contradiction doesn’t matter for political optics in the UK (and he may be right).


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