Not this shit again. In which I praise a Tory

Remember the magic lie-detector voice analyzer? It’s baaack. Also, Cornish Tory councillor Fiona Ferguson is a mensch.

Here’s the story; it seems the council hired Capita aka Crapita to put the fear of God into people claiming single person’s council tax discount (THE BASTARDS!). Capita, which is the sole UK distributor of 100% guaranteed pure snake oil Nemesysco’s patent voice-stress analyzer that doesn’t work, proposed to ring ’em up and wave the dead chicken at them.

Fiona Ferguson remembered the story, (I presume) googled, noted that the Department of Work & Pensions had tried it and found it useless, and decided to tell them to bugger off. But it was too late…

“I have discussed this matter with the monitoring officer. He has advised me that, as this is an operational matter in relation to a contract that the council has already entered into, he strongly advises me that I should not require that this software is not used. If, contrary to his advice, I maintain my stance that we must not use this software then officers will comply, provided you also agree.

You [Jim Currie, the council leader] have made it clear to me that you will not agree. Indeed, you have said that I will be ‘sacked’ if I inform members [of the council] that this software will be used. That will not be necessary. Please accept my resignation with immediate effect.”

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