Grim, gripping reportage from northern Mexico.

A giant, 1980s West German wheel-dragline excavator abandoned in a swamp in southern Sudan the size of France, crippled by rebel ATGWs, as part of a very unwise geoengineering scheme.

At last you can have a full-motion David Cameron mask projected on your backside.

I am struggling to work out whether the Daily Mail supports George Osborne or not, after this front page depicting him as an ageing transsexual. I mean, what would they do if they didn’t like him?

A writeup of Julian Temple’s documentary on Dr Feelgood, which I happened to watch as well.

“The people I burgled got rich by greed and skulduggery. They indulged in the mechanics of ostentation — they deserved me and I deserved them. If I rob Ivana Trump, it is just a meeting of two different kinds of degeneracy on a dark rooftop”

10 years on, National Security Archive docudump on Iraq planning.

Superb data visualisation.

Chivers blogs the launch of a Syrian rebel SAM – it follows a neat pattern, the rocket flies, homes, hits the target, and the user jumps for blood-lust.

The French in Tessalit need two 20′ containers a day of water, and here’s Valerie G, the head of the C-IED engineering group. She looks like a French engineer.

The French argue they have just won, full stop. More here.

Mali war photography.

The German warship Hamburg is currently with the Dwight D. Eisenhower‘s group in the Gulf, where she acts as the local air traffic controller. However, German national caveats restrict her from taking part in US national tasking, which includes Operation ENDURING FREEDOM – the Americans, however, don’t see a distinction between the NATO ISAF and OEF. So the German army in northern Afghanistan can call for air support from the Americans, and it can be provided from the Eisenhower, but only so long as the Hamburg doesn’t know anything about it, although she does have to coordinate any other air movements so the planes maintain adequate separation. All clear so far?

I should probably go to this, and of course this.

A rather good post on the first 10 years of GSM in the UK and the early history of mobile applications and content. I disagree with the characterisation of at least one individual but it’s not worth picking a fight about it.

For a witty raconteur/orator, Boris Johnson isn’t actually a very…errrrrrrrrrr…..good speaker.

Turn Polycom HDX video conferencing systems into Orwellian telescreens, with one H.323 SETUP packet!

If you selfhost WordPress and run the WordFence security plugin, don’t install updates until past 3.6.5 because it will kill your blog.

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