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Yes, this is funny. But oh, for fucksake. Put council houses on EBay. I am not kidding. This is the pitifully vacuous snackthinking the mother of parliaments has to offer.

Meanwhile, remember all that tebbly tebbly serious chinstroking about party financing and the difficult position of Labour’s link to the trade unions? Here’s random Twitter guy making total sense.

Yes. Yes. This point needs to be made much more. It’s money given by normal! citizens! voluntarily! administered by people they elect! to do it, for basically clear and sensible aims! If you’re against this, there is something wrong with you.

Mind you, I’d like to know why Lord Laird seems to have missed a trick in not using the offer of freebies to the South Pacific to recruit people to his pro-South Korean solar industry lobby group. Probably the same reason he missed the opportunity to go by Lord Laird in London and Laird Lord in Belfast.

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