Cracking set from Jamie xx. At the XOYO 1st birthday, I remember him playing the Prodigy’s No Good/Start The Dance, which doesn’t feature here but plenty of other good things do.

This isn’t quite as weird as the Saharan Cellphone thing from a while back but it’s interesting:

As good as ever.

Lovebox 2013 – Rock The Belles by Dj Emily Rawson on Mixcloud

Interesting but a bit disappointing.

Oscar Niemeyer should have got to see this:

Glory-years Keighley RL, from the horse’s mouth:

I think Nick was one of the players who caught gastroenteritis from the stagnant water on that pitch in 1994.

“I have a dream – that my two little children will one day live in a world where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their email!”

Useful advice on retreating from Afghanistan. In Iraq, they collected up all the Hesco to build a war-memorial but later had to put them back. In Afghanistan:

Lastly, all items that cannot be turned over to the ANSF and have no further use to the coalition can be buried or destroyed in place to again reduce requirements on finite ANSF resources. A perfect example of this is T-walls; it can be more cost effective to bury these in place than waste money ($2,500 per truck) to transport these chunks of concrete from base to base.

Remembering William Tutte, or rather, why don’t we?

Interesting howto on working with satellite mapping in MapBox.

I wish long comments on people.

Project manager leaves suicide presentation.

Twitter activity, mapped and coloured by OS. In the United States, places like the eastern half of Washington, DC, the South Side of Chicago, half of Atlanta, etc light up with green Android. (Apparently, iOS is Software White People Like, Android is the Mothership.) In the UK, well, no – hard to see much of a pattern at all.

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