Data point

The current top adverts served to my GMail account are:

  • Ladies’ Coats and Jackets – Plus Size 12 to 32
  • Navy Nightdresses – Amazing Choice of Comfy Nightwear From Cute Cotton to Sensual Satin!
  • Need a New Bank Account?
  • Need No-Win No-Fee Legal Advice
  • 1000 Leaflets Only £15!

Google thinks I’m a curvy, litigious woman who needs to print flyers. (This was served next to XOYO’s mailout, so possibly a musician?)

Twitter thinks I should follow:

  • a couple of northern soul DJs
  • Verso Books
  • Handley-Page Victor XL231
  • Adam Kotsko

I think Twitter may have stolen a march on Google somehow. Update: I just asked Soizick about this and GMail serves her NO ADS. She controls the horizontal and the vertical, and all your bases are belong to her.

2 Comments on "Data point"

  1. Yeah, Facebook’s been pitching me ads for the UK’s top high-net-worth divorce lawyers for the last year and a half. Come on, Facebook. Forget your lunatic misjudgement of my net worth, can’t you even tell that I’m NOT MARRIED? It’s right there on my profile!


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