Steve Prescott

Amazingly depressing news about Steve Prescott.

I remember his second try at the 1996 Challenge Cup final vividly – spotting he wasn’t going to reach a chip kick from Bobby Goulding, he kicked it ahead on the volley as if it was a football, and guarded the bouncing ball closely until he was certain of getting it down cleanly. It was a moment of real elegance.

It would be great if that clip was on some sort of big hosting site, wouldn’t it? Well, although the four decisive high kicks from Goulding are, it’s not. There’s a post-match interview with him looking terrifyingly young, but honestly, who wants to be remembered for a how-do-you-feel clip?

It was on the BBC, but you’ll be lucky. Says the BBC Archive help page:

This site is no longer staffed

Also quite depressing.

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