Utterly self-indulgent Friday music post

Music post, single-malt version.

Really, isn’t this totally prefiguring all those fuzztone semi-R&B people who appeared over the last year or so? Just with Bootsy Collins and therefore more funk. Beats anything here.

The video is ridiculous, but why didn’t this sell a ton just as daft party music? Also, rhyming “chaos” and “never was a great loss” is both awesome and unavoidably Yorkshire.

Also great. What about this?

Or this?

Sod the Fatboy Slim comeback, bring back the Lo-Fis. I remember in 1996 the Face called them the new Stone Roses, which was actually a remarkably accurate assessment but not in a good way, predicting the loss of key members, toxic ego wars, and under-achievement. That said, they have still released more actual songs than the Roses ever have.

For some reason, searching for their stuff on YouTube tends to really fox the recommendations algo, which has plainly given up and started pushing completely random things on me. In the future, we will come to cherish anyone and anything whatsoever that achieves this effect. We need a name for it.

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