FreakyTrigger recalls the Chemical Brothers’ Setting Sun going No.1. I associate myself entirely with the following sentiments:

If you’d have asked me in 1996 who my favourite band was, I’d have said the Chemical Brothers, without hesitation. I was 15 and knew next to nothing about dance culture or psychedelia or hip-hop but their music was a route into all of these things and more

Also this, from the other place:

Ive always tried to tie in british dance music with britpop cuz i was really into it at the time and so were a lot of indie kids/britpoppers. Noel certainly was and at loch lomond and the gigs before it everyone was hoping oasis would do a screamadelica and go dance. It was set up for them. But no , they had to make be here now and look what happened after.

Note: If you follow that link into Facebook you can also see me flaming Neil Kulkarni and getting a rise. That, at least, is one ambition from 1996 I can tick off.

Meanwhile, Twitter was all over this lot this week and with good reason, and rather wonderfully some French TV station has put a whole one of their gigs on the web.

And because we can:

Also, anyone else a bit underwhelmed by new Wild Beasts?

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