March 11, 2014

Look what our reader Dan O’Huiginn is up to! I’ve always thought a great extension for DocumentCloud would be a plugin that generates a concordance of the documents, as it still strikes me as a big heavy way of just dumping out a lot of scanned-jpeg PDFs, which is what most people do with it.

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File under “Really Strange”: Southern Californian gangsters turn up fighting for Assad in Syria (from Borderland Beat of course). The explanation seems to be that if you’re an Armenian or indeed Syrian immigrant in LA, you’re considered Latino for purposes of street politics, and of course Armenians do have a dog in the fight. Here’s…

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This post by an American sociology prof about going to Soviet summer camp is so sweet it seems harsh and rude to point out that he is completely wrong about this: I would love for the major players in the Crimean conflict to take a short bus trip over to Artek and spend a week…

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