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I would like to embed this, but anyway, watch it and feel the thrilling and controversial American razzamatazz, like. Yes, still bitter.

This looks interesting, but apparently it’s a blog you have to read through facebook, which makes what kind of sense?


Ian Roberts, Kangaroo legend, also the game’s first professional to come out as gay. Oh hell.

‘I’ve got brain damage … that’s the nuts and bolts of it mate,’’ Roberts told Fairfax Media’s Peter FitzSimons during an interview on Channel Seven’s Sunday Night program. However, Roberts said he was not surprised by his test results and revealed he had been suffering depression…


On one hand they seem not quite sure of its value, while on the other they appear reluctant to lose control of it, like a bearded hipster with interesting glasses who finds out their favourite post-rock sextet is topping the bill at Hyde Park this summer.

It’s always been like that.

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  1. This time of year does remind us of the real reason that RL has an insecurity complex. That is that, despite being a very entertaining sport, with a high skill level, passionate (if localised) fanbase, and long history of professionalism, it plays second fiddle to RU in the media because it doesn’t facilitate flagwaving. The amount of people at the pub and at home who watch England RU (and Wales RU outside the valleys) who don’t know the rules and cheer the endless kicks going over the posts have done nothing to enhance that sport at a local level.
    I don’t see why RL needs to change much, especially not at the expense of the people who have kept it going so long in many of the towns and big villages of Yorkshire, Lancashire and Cumbria.


  2. Maybe the people who watch RU find time to wave flags etc during the dull bits. In RL you can’t take your eyes away for a moment, scarcely enough time to sip your beer.


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