You think #MH370 is Ballardian? Kicking it up a notch:

The tests showed that brands outperformed people where a person’s relationship to a product was tied to a story–such as the subject who loved his watch, which was handed down from his father, more than his girlfriend, or the man whose life-long love of the Seattle Seahawks measured as stronger than his love for his toddler. In all, three of the eight test subjects showed more love for brands than people.

Actually the study is more neurobabble than anything else (oxytocin, mirror neurons etc), but the point is what it might legitimise.

Meanwhile, NATO forces in Afghanistan are transferred to the command of General Indifference, and from the same source, Crusty Old Fuck In The Pentagon Hopes Cold War Just Got Hot:

The man, clearly delusional that developments in Ukraine spell a permanent return to relevance for Russia and the post-Soviet states on the global scene, has reportedly worked as an analyst in the Russia plans and strategy division since 1991. Two and half decades of utter insignificance later, the daydream believer says he always knew his moment to shine would come.

“Oh my, I have a brief to the general in an hour,” the man exclaimed, shuffling through papers and blathering on like he was talking about China or some shit. “This is just how I imagine the eighties, back before we lost our way in that miserable Middle East!”

And Bob Crow would have totally worn this harrington, although he probably shouldn’t have.

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