Experience the immense monotony

So far, the most embarrassing effort by a journalist to fill space on the MH370 story was certainly the ITN correspondent who opened their piece-to-camera with the words “Tuesday. Kuala Lumpur. The rain still falling.” You might hope that this was a deliberate allusion to “Tuesday. Africa. The hour of the lion”, supposedly the worst possible line of English prose, but this strikes me as optimistic.

Some people have more class. The Wall Street Journal, for example, has chosen to publish this short video about staring out of a small window in an aircraft at an unchanging sea, with the fine title Experience the Immense Monotony of an Ocean Search. Go on. Experience it.

There is an interesting rhyme here in the way that any hope is now symbolised by the image of Australian P-3C pilots staring impassively at the vast spaces of the Indian Ocean, presumably rather like the captain (or hijacker) of MH370.

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