TYR open newslist, the first

I like this idea of Andrew Gelman’s, under which he publishes a weekly blog post with a list of potential topics and invites readers to comment on which ones he should blog. So much so, I think I may introduce it myself.

1) I recently read Orlando Figes’ Natasha’s Dance and also Svetlana Alexeivich’s La Fin de’l Homme Rouge. I have a sketched-out joint review.

2) If you follow the Stiftung on twitter, he’s been talking about intelligence/surveillance/reconnaissance as a deterrent to the Russians doing anything else to Ukraine.

3) Also on Ukraine/Russia, everyone involved keeps getting their phone calls tapped and released, probably by Russia but quite possibly by nonstate actors. SIGINT proliferation is a major issue.

4) A music post.

5) I need to review a biography of Gertrude Bell. It wasn’t very good.

6) Why don’t more people vote FN?

Ideas may be found here: for TYR, and for AFOE.

7 Comments on "TYR open newslist, the first"

  1. I would be interested in [1] the joint book review and [3] Ukraine/Russia and SIGINT. I would particularly interested on what effect the Russian Intervention and the Crimean Annexation will have on the European response to Snowden/NSA affairs.


  2. Mainly I like this because it points me to your del.icio.us. I like stalking interesting people’s reading.

    I’d be keen on anything Ukraine related. There’s so much underexplored weirdness. How Putin’s biker gang kicked it off. What it means for Sevastopol’s battalion of combat dolphins. And there must be some nutcase anti-Russian volunteers turning up from Poland and the like; I wonder what they’re up to?


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