TYR open newslist, the second

So last week I asked readers to take a view on what I might blog, swinging off an idea of Andrew Gelman‘s. The post was here. The lucky winners got a piece on Ukraine, the proliferation of SIGINT technology, and Ed Snowden, and a joint review of two books about Russia, plus a lot of other stuff in response to events (Osborne, Heartbleed) or else out of sheer self indulgence (music).

As usual, materials for TYR are here and for AFOE are here. I’ll update this with ideas as I have them.

3 Comments on "TYR open newslist, the second"

  1. I’m still reading my first article on your list – Suburban Commandos about London 2050 – and it would be interesting to hear your views on it.

    For myself, when I get to the bottom of the huge list of comments, I may (although it’s probably too late) want to question the orthodoxy about buses being tapped out. I think what’s missing there is both: a) more creativity about routing, why do all those routes go down Oxford Street, how does that help? (There are other bottlenecks too.) b) Time to start rethinking the congestion charge plan – if there’s too much traffic, then road pricing could need to go up…


  2. Ok, so I don’t want to flood this, you have lots of interesting links.
    I’d be interested in the “Cool London is dead, and tying in the Guardian piece by Cory Doctorow.” Might even be a good crossover with London 2050.


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