May 4, 2014

You know I was saying about us being an emerging low-trust society an’all? Well. Well. Looky here. Via Jared Bernstein, the correlation between inequality and the demand for security guards. Look ma! There’s our kid next to Italy and Greece. And there’s something weird about Belgium, but everyone knows that.

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Some more books. Like everyone, I’m reading The Sleepwalkers: How Europe Went to War in 1914. Actually I read it in January, sketched out a review, and lost the notebook, so reading it again. (Spoiler: there isn’t a happy ending.) Fascinatingly, Christopher Clark swaps the powers around; traditionally, the Germans are evil, the Austrians weird,…

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I recently read William Langewiesche’s Aloft (Penguin Modern Classics), his collected essays on flight. One of these, justly regarded as a classic, deals with the loss of Valujet 592 near Miami in 1996, an accident which bears a strong resemblance, in his telling, to the parallel experience of rail privatisation in the UK. Deregulation permitted…

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