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    1. Great – got through. As I was saying… something weird about Norway, too. Norway had its own National Socialist government (or two of them – the first Quisling government was a total mess and got replaced quite quickly; they let him have the wheel again later in the war when they were less fussed about setting examples of good governance); Belgium had not one but two home-grown Fascist parties, one of whose leaders Hitler took a shine to in a fatherly sort of way. As I understand it the Norwegian de-Nazification effort was really massive (much bigger than the French equivalent) & cut a huge swathe through the public sector – think Iraq and de-Baathification. Maybe they didn’t get the roots out.


      1. There’s something in the culture of Norway that’s just a bit more (small c) conservative than the “Scandinavian stereotype.” Not sure what it adds up to, perhaps is the way people are spread around, you get that Texas or Western Australia mentality…


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