Elections pass off peacefully in disputed territory

I was looking for news about Labour taking control of Bradford council. Here is some Bradford news. Polling day passed relatively peacefully yesterday, despite concerns over potential violence or intimidation on the streets. Yeah, us and Luhansk.

The leader of [fascist group] Britain First, Paul Golding has been challenged to a fight by a British Muslim cage fighter, Umer ‘Bullet Tooth’ Kayani.

Someone with an air rifle keeps shooting people outside fish shops.

“We’ve had customers complaining about the noise of the pellets hitting the ground outside the shop.”

Kneecapped and doused with acid in gang war.

Antiques dealer hit cannabis smoker with stick.

Prosecutor Louise Pryke told Bradford Crown Court yesterday Cox had returned home from the pub, where he was said to have drunk about 11 pints of lager, at about 9pm on April 10 to find two youths smoking in the cobbled street at the back of his house.

He believed the pair were smoking cannabis and swore at them to tell them to move on. He then entered his house and returned with the metal walking stick and struck one of the men on his head

I wasn’t trying to pick stories involving violence. Honest.

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