Music post

Let’s have a music post.

So we went to this, Crouch End’s version of the Camden Crawl/Land of Kings/presumably originally SXSW. It was…slightly awkward. Well, an ice cream shop is always going to be a bit sporky as a music venue, however hipstery. Also, the organisers didn’t schedule anything after 10.30pm, so it cuts off in mid-air and leaves everyone to hang around the Harringay Arms. This lot were pretty good, as were these and these. And, you know, Alexis Taylor from Hot Chip is playing in that old church. He’s in that gloom somewhere.

Actually it was the first time I’d been inside the studios in the old church and it’s sort of nicely homemade, although God help you if there was a fire. Changing gear, we did Ibibio Sound Machine’s gig at the Village Underground, who I’d missed (but blogged) earlier in the year. This photo is a pretty good reflection.

For once they got the sound right after only one song:-) I’ve yet to find any video from the night but here’s one they made earlier:

In an attempt to stop replaying this, here’s a ripper of a version of a great Lamont Dozier song.

And finally, RIP Ian McLagan:

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