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So I need to write some more stuff for the Pol. Progress so far is here. My self-imposed terms of reference require something that uses data or public documents and that results in a testable prediction. Also, I’m chary of doing something about Greece for fear both that the situation changes dramatically during the editing process, and that literally everyone else is writing about nothing else than Greece, Greece, and Greece.

A couple of techy things planned for TYR: why self-driving cars are just Aramis-style personal rapid transit rebranded, and therefore Pure Ideology. Also, declaring war against dickboxes, those shitty in-line popups that appear when you move your mouse cursor, and a general defence of adblockers.

Update: What about this?

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  1. Kids Company could be good. Lots going on there, although even that seems to be in enough flux that editing could get tricky. How long is the editing process?

    There’s been a pile of declassified stuff about Srebrenica, but that might suit the blog audience better than politico.

    I’d like to see you pick up on the IDS credit card thing, given his general attitude to others.

    Not really any data/documents releases recently that spring to mind as good for testable predictions. There is the banal about the detail of the Northern Powerhouse stuff. But predicting failure there is a bit “shooting fish a barrel.”


    1. I’m not sure Pol cares much about Kids Co, that’s much more Ranter business. I do think there’s mileage in a recent history of the UK in three NGOs – A4e, KC, and maybe the foodbank guys?


      1. That sounds like a good piece. Tie the 3 together in some way that could make a point suitable to the Pol… Must admit I’m not sure what Pol thinks it is for yet…


        1. Pol? Ruthlessly exclusive focus on Brussels politics, basically trying to pull a Face and create a participatory identity for EU politics junkies.


          1. Well, for Brussels junkies, it is all Greece all the time at the moment. Maybe try a swivel back to Ukraine?

      2. Yes indeedy. The Oxford foodbank appears to be non Trussell Trust – the Abingdon one may or may not be (suspect not), but is says
        “The Abingdon Emergency Foodbank was launched in April 2009 by Christ Church, Abingdon in co-operation with other churches across Abingdon, as a practical way of sharing God’s love in the local community”. So clearly they can ‘do one’.
        Some sensible research on the Trussell Trust would be interesting as I find it hard to separate tinfoilhattery from reality on this subject.


  2. Definately kids company. Changes to local govt ,childrens services and Childhhod sexual exploitation (see it always leads back to saville!) mean charity/third sector increasingly being looked to to deliver what used to be Local Authority/NHS despite problems with capacity and expertise.


  3. Post-budget thought: what does the cut in tax credits do to the self-employed bogus hairdresser economy and, by extension, the unemployment figures?


  4. Latest skills crisis report.
    I think it would be good to put a systems view on this issue.

    To me it links to the BBC. One reason the country has a thriving media industry is that we have a behemoth taking in graduates and training them up. We don’t have any of that in STEM any more, so basically the pipeline for skills development is broken.


  5. Does IDS really have some bizarre objection to risk pooling?

    Why does every restaurant and take-away in town have ads in the window for waiting staff and/or take-away delivery drivers wanted?

    I agree with Metatone’s most recent comment as a subject.


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