Weak, weak, weak.

Just a final thought about the Harman/Welfare Bill saga. My original thinking was that it was all about Labour/SNP politics, and I kind of expected a U-turn once it became clear the SNP would be available and would vote no. So, look how that turned out.

Apparently it was all about looking “weak on welfare”. The problem, though, is that Labour avoided that by just looking weak. This is worse, because specific events create a general perception, which then frames future events. It also ended up looking divided. This is worse still. And to think we started off the week by re-forging the opposition whip with the SNP and knocking down a string of awful Tory initiatives.

If you thought Ed Miliband looked silly with a bacon sandwich, well, this is what really hopeless leadership looks like.

3 Comments on "Weak, weak, weak."

  1. This is what happens when you let Harriet Harmon in charge of anything. Utterly useless party hack with even less leadership ability than my sofa. It says everything about today’s Party that people thought it a good idea to make her acting leader.
    Corbyn’s no messiah but I hope he fucking destroys the rest of them in the leadership election.


  2. You said it before already in a previous post. The one power opposition has is a clear “Non.” You don’t get any points for abstaining, no-one will remember you being reasonable come the election campaign…


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