The design values of today

So I read the Indivisible Guide, which was drafted by a group of ex-Obama staffers as a HOWTO for people interested in protesting Donald Trump. The core idea is that the ‘baggers were very successful as a protest movement and their strategy can be replicated. Basically, don’t bother with shopping lists of nice stuff, do badger elected representatives of any kind to say no to everything, and organise locally to threaten their re-election specifically. It also offers a lot of useful tactical advice. To be honest it’s pretty much the document we needed in the UK in 2010.

And the typography is gorgeous in a way that is redolent of fast-breaking Obama nostalgia. The subheads are even in that Toronto Transit typeface. Compare the deliberately horrible, Angus Steakhouse aesthetic of fake news sources, desperately trying to turn away anyone who is likely to see through them, or the early 2ks revival pink/viridian blinktag hell of your favourite woke blog, parading its deliberate anti-accessibility. Design value, it turns out, are actually values. (Hey, in 2003 this blog had a mousetrail clock and a dancing terrorism alert banana. I should know.)

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