I was about to comment on this Jamie Kenny post about the blackly comic way that 10 years after the 11th September attack, the US or at least its media-political complex is in thrall to some book-burning nut in Florida who got thrown out of Germany for helping himself to the communion plate. Then I…

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Creepy google searches of the week: “who writes the blog for yorkshire ranter” and “identity of yorkshire ranter”. Someone in a BT dynamic-IP pool.

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Has anyone ever accused Amnesty International of being silent on (insert abuse here) and not been lying through their teeth? Seriously; I’ve had this argument so many times on the Internet since, ooh, 1996 or thereabouts. It always follows this pattern: A: Amnesty International says that some government/movement/company/faceless mob B supports is doing something incredibly…

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There’s a new strategy blog about, this time a French one. They have an interesting discussion about the suggestion/rumour/story that Hezbollah might be trying to acquire Scud missiles. They’re dubious about it, although open to the suggestion that the organisation might be developing its own inter-service politics, with the big rocket people perhaps constituting the…

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It’s been a while since this referrer’s been in: [Srv] [entrypoint #81] 2007/05/falklands-myths-4-american-and-european.html Mar 04, 17:36:34 [0:00:00] views: 1 Google (ascension island 1982 jet fuel) Proxy: – RSRCNISA01 I think that counts as a Disturbing Search Request, if not quite as disturbing as when the S in OSD was Donald Rumsfeld.

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