See the ViktorFeed Documentation for further details. The raw data is here.

Known issues; the filtering methodology whitelists out a large number of airlines, rather than blacklisting in only the ones we know about. This is necessary to deal with quick-change company names. Spelling errors on other people's websites can cause respectable airlines to fall through the net.

Flights to or from locations that aren't in our DB, or ones that don't state a source or destination, are placed by default in the Bermuda Triangle. Whatever they did provide is shown verbatim. Everything is being logged.

Locations are those given for the airfield in the last publicly available DAFIF, so may be a radio beacon off-airport.

The program which generates ViktorFeed runs every 5 minutes in a cronjob. Point at the map and press any key to reload. Impatient bastard. Comments on the blog or to