Non-Thursday music links

Music! First up, here’s the last edition of Chuck D’s radio show, notable for the surprisingly great Northern Irish rapper Jun Tzu (and also the highly jamiespheric concept that there’s a Russian MC called Moscow Death Brigade). Further, Mike Check by DJ Eleven and Mike Baker (not the sadly deceased one) is great.

I listened to all of this:

But I couldn’t shake off the faintly academic quality of the whole thing, trying to convince one’s students that Angola, the country, exists. However, it did point me at this guy:

One for the Soundcloud feed/queue/whatever I’ve not actually set up. This, over at south London music and occasional Leveson/Morgan investigation blog Transpontine, was interesting but less good than it was interesting.

This Jacques Greene set at Fact magazine was really fantastic.

And it’s got to be interesting that Paul Mason and Tom Watson are both Northern Soul obsessives. From the Brummie Hammer of the Lizard-Digger Empire’s twitter feed:

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