Work post.

Hijacking the blog for work purposes. I know quite a few readers here develop software or design things in a freelance, startup, or small business context. What is it that telecoms operators/ISPs, both fixed and mobile, aren’t offering you at the moment? What are they selling you that you don’t want? Leave your thoughts in comments – use a pseud if you want but give some idea of context.

Results so far: Moar bandwidth. Direct peering with major CDNs and clouds. Data allowances on a per-account basis (so you can share them among multiple devices). Better IPv6 support. Pro-active outage notification. Better status reporting. Nobody wants any add-on services. Better (native/dualstack) IPv6 again. Lower latency. Lower extra-European roaming rates.

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  1. duaneg

    I think twitter ate some of my reply. Was going to say I love my ISP in general ( they consistently get top place in consumer satisfaction surveys and are generally excellent.

    As I said the main thing I would like is better IPv6 support (it is basically unsupported and only enabled on some connections and by request). Also better status page, outages notifications, and a better portal.

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