Worry a little bit more about Korea but not that much

It’s time for another 2007 Revival! carrier watch post.

It looks like the forward-based carrier, Reagan, is fully ready. Nimitz is committed to the Middle East. Bush is eight thousand miles away, in UK home waters. Truman, Lincoln, and Vinson are in early phases of training. Eisenhower, Washington, and Stennis are in bits in the dry dock. Roosevelt has done her COMPTUEX work-up. Technically she needs to do the JTFEX with the other ships in the task force, but in a pinch that could happen en route.

The time frame to get to the other side of the Pacific is about two weeks assuming they don’t bother doing anything clever on the way. The US has quite a few airfields in the western Pacific, but North Korea just promised to drop rockets all round the biggest, so you can probably see the value of the carriers here. Conclusion: if Roosevelt, aka the Big Stick and wouldn’t the Donald love that, gets her skates on, it’s time to worry.


  1. Dave Hansell

    What’s missing here is a rather significant “if” relating to the very big assumption regarding NK’s current ability to lob anything further than Nayim’s lob over Seaman over twenty years ago.

    “North Korea. Who haven’t successfully launched a missile further than their own backyard. Who have no money and no resources and no international pull.”


    A place whose nuclear program is a joke and whose missile tests routinely fail. Including one just last month.



    The Media hyperbole is little more than smoke and mirrors and to quote from the article in the first link above:

    “The worst case scenario here is that the American and Japanese experts are all 100% correct: One small, poor country MIGHT have one small nuclear bomb that they can’t aim, can’t shoot, and would burn up in the atmosphere if they tried to use.”

    Even Anne Coulter of all people has a better handle on this issue, accurately identiyng it as a trash talking pissing contest, than the silly season bullshit from the corporate media judging from last night’s Channel Four News piece. Though to be fair she was up against Britain’s answer to the birth pill plugging his new novel (sic).

    Anyone wanting to know what’s really pissing off the crazy gang on the other side of the pond, and their sycophantic followers, could do a lot worse than this article:


  2. Jib Halyard

    Dave Hansell,
    That last link makes the same shortsighted mistake about North Korea that nearly every one else does when pronouncing on the big mess there: It views Pyongyang in isolation.
    North Korea has always had a fairly solid defence against any (imaginary) US designs upon it, in the form of China.

  3. ajay

    Well, so Ann Coulter agrees with the website that talks about a “US-backed right-wing coup” in Ukraine… that doesn’t increase my confidence that either of them might be right.

  4. Dave Hansell

    Most rational individuals prefer objective evidence rather than subjective personal feelings like “confidence.”

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