This is Alexander Harrowell’s blog. Covering the Iraq era and beyond since 2003. GSM warlords, modern thinkers, hashtag divas, Python, arms dealers, identity cards, holistic systems analysis, music that doesn’t suck, rugby league, always socialist. And I really don’t like Tories. Despite all this, the top three search requests are “companies house webcheck”, “leon brittan”, and “SERCS corruption”. On the other hand, 1.63% of you are reading this using Debian IceWeasel. You may find me elsewhere at A Fistful of Euros, Stable & Principled, on twitter as yorksranter, and in my professional capacity at the Telco 2.0 Blog and our subscription site. I have been neither paid nor incited by agents of any foreign power.


  1. sglover

    I’ve liked your site for years, and I know that you’re very technically sharp, so I trust you’ll take this as the constructive criticism it’s meant to be. I think you really need to reconsider whatever CSS choices you’ve made. Text is rendered as a very light gray. Link text is a faint pinkish-orange. In Opera, at least, your site is unreadable. I have had to copy posts that looked interesting, and paste them into Notepad, in order to read them. Please fix!!

  2. John "Tug" Wilson

    To wish you a splendid birthday. I’m an old DFH recently new to the internet and avidly follow your blog. Plus, thanks for discovering Erik Lund! Regards,Tug

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