now is the winterton of our discontent

I’ve always thought Sir Nicholas Winterton (how on earth did he get a knighthood?) is one of the most egregious old farts in British politics; a pompous old buffoon of zero legislative achievement, a hard-right Monday Clubber and Rhodesia groupie, who despite representing a bog standard rural/suburban English constituency manages to be consistently one of the most expensive men in the Commons. Chuck in the fact that his wife, fellow-MP, and disgraced racist Ann also manages to be one of the most expensive MPs, despite representing the constituency next door to Sir Nicholas – yes, two constituency homes, two offices, two of every damn thing – and you’ve got a right pair of fat, self-satisfied wankers practically pregnant with taxpayers’ funds, whose prehensile bottoms cling with uncanny certainty to their perch. He’s been there since 1971!

And Christ! I’d actually forgotten that they charged themselves rent on a flat in London they already owned, so they could expense it.

Now, here’s the proof: he’s the one who suggested banning demonstrations near parliament and outlawing Brian Haw, “because of the noise”. Among other things, his sense of democracy goes only as far as hyaaah hyaaah, expenses, and private bars. Fuck you, you rotten turdster.

(Update; Greasy Nick is apparently the 636th most expensive. Where did I have this impression from? Either the flat thing, or possibly the two-of-everything deal.)

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  1. Anything to say about Fat (in wallet and belly/ass) Jacqui Smith? Always trust an MP of *any* colour to have their snouts in the trough (not to mention your typical Union leader).

    The Yorkshire Thinker


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