French blogs considered harmful, in a good way

You thought Abu Muqawama was cool? You’re behind the curve. I’ve only been reading the new French multiblog, Alliance Geostrategique for a few weeks, and they come out with a series of posts like these: Living in the city at war, or how the difference between the Ottoman and Austro-Hungarian centre of Sarajevo (narrow streets, no sightlines) and the modern suburbs – similarly high density, but achieved through building upwards – conditioned not only the tactics of the siege but also meant that day and night were reversed depending which part of town you were in.

There’s an interesting take on the Israeli officers who applied French postmodern thought to assaulting Nablus and Jenin; interestingly, they were deprived of influence after the air force took over by appointing Dan Harel as chief of the general staff. Too intellectual. Haven’t I said that the world’s rightwing forces successfully operationalised postmodernism?

And there’s a good discussion of Nahr al-Bared, the politics of Lebanon, and the validity or otherwise of “war among the people”. Best of all, no wingnuts either.

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