how Dunning met Kruger

Here is a really fascinating interview with David Dunning, of Dunning-Kruger Effect fame. As a taste, the incident that inspired Dunning:

Wheeler had walked into two Pittsburgh banks and attempted to rob them in broad daylight. What made the case peculiar is that he made no visible attempt at disguise. The surveillance tapes were key to his arrest. There he is with a gun, standing in front of a teller demanding money. Yet, when arrested, Wheeler was completely disbelieving. “But I wore the juice,” he said. Apparently, he was under the deeply misguided impression that rubbing one’s face with lemon juice rendered it invisible to video cameras.

He’d done tests.

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  1. And with that story’s public release, a GS-13 in DARPA quietly shreds a just completed draft RFP intended for Lockmart, NG, Raytheon and General Dynamics.

    The shredder’s whine can’t drown out his chagrin. He recalls the briefing just weeks ago. They all assured him that milspec lemon juice was the secret weapon solution against IEDs. It was all laid out in the PowerPoint . . .


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