technical update

It has just come to my attention that both Dubai and Sharjah airports have redesigned their websites. Also, I’ve added 395 more meetings to the scraper this weekend, but for some weird reason the DFID disclosure isn’t actually being treated as a csv file by the csv module. Scraping, scraping, scraping, always bloody well scraping. I even had to write a scraping script for work last week.

Also, does anyone else find the OpenTech schedule a bit thin?

Meanwhile, I think I may be about to buy a laptop. Does anyone have experience of the new, cheap-end Lenovo ThinkPads or indeed their top-end netbook-cum-tablet?

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  1. The Lenovo netbooks are alright, though I’ve not tried the tablet version.

    We stopped buying ThinkPads at work ever since Lenovo destroyed their supply chain post-IBM, leading to 6-week delivery times. Not bothered to find out if they ever sorted it out again.

    That said, I just bought myself the cheapest Toshiba R700 and stuck in an SSD. Lighter than a netbook, blazingly fast, and decent battery life too (5 hours).


  2. I have a ThinkPad laptop at work and I hate it. The display seems to be unstable and the keyboard intermittently hangs up, but I don’t know if this is a common fault or I just have a one-off shit machine.

    chris y


  3. Yorkshire Ranter,

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