why we fight

Stop! Don’t do it, man! Barclays is the UK’s most powerful single private lobby with a weighted network degree of 0.36. The Co-Op Bank is on 0.003 – 120 times less lobbyish. Really.

Obviously, nothing in this post should be taken to condone or encourage such irresponsible, inconsiderate, and basically stupid behaviour. Especially not as I was stuck on a bus moving through Watford town centre not long after the event.

Funny place, Watford. Opposite Watford FC’s Vicarage Road ground there is now a Brazilian evangelical house-church. Over the entrance to the ground, a banner for “The Watford Wedding Show” promises “Where your dream strats”. On adverts for the Harlequin Shopping Centre, “1990-2011: 20 Years of Inspirational Shopping”.

Also, I spotted what I’m convinced is the last Hutchison Rabbit private mobile radio hotspot in the wild…or at least the ghost sign for it.


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  1. I once saw a Japanese family having their photo taken by the patriarch (complete with ubiquitous CANON strap) outside Watford telephone exchange (your average GPO concrete elephant cage) at 7am on a weekday.


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