Monarchism, mapped

Ever wanted a map of where people care about the monarchy? Jubilee street parties, per 10,000. The borders are coloured to reflect the number of parties. Darker is more in both cases.

Purbeck is the Valley of Loyalty. Next door in the rest of Dorset is the Zero Zone. Ken Clarke’s constituency contains the only people north of London who care. I don’t have any data for Scotland or Northern Ireland.

And YES. Self-hosted WordPress doesn’t fuck with embedded maps!

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    1. Would they need to close the streets? It’s not like they’re short of space. (and the town has about 200 yards of street) Compare Oxfordshire, Lincolnshire – loads of military, no obvious surge of royalism.


  1. I’ve just come from there – to wit, Corfe Castle itself. Other half: “looks like it’s compulsory to have a jubilee decoration on the house.” self: “yeah, but there’s an awful lot without. If you went round putting in the windows of everyone who’d not illuminated, you’d have a pretty sore arm.”


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