I commend these links to the House.

Why don’t I subscribe to Steve Randy Waldman’s blog? This piece is fantastic, on the competitiveness gap between southern and northern Europe, and makes up the best case I’ve yet seen for the view that prices, rather than wages, rose in Spain. The labour share of national income fell, while the prices of tradable goods converged with the eurozone. (In this case, I think real estate should be considered tradable.)

There will be more of this, either here or at AFOE.

Blogging the scum at the University of Virginia, and a special angle on The War On Mike Mann.

Bayesian statistics bites the West Midlands police, as their gunshot detectors both generate false positives and also miss actual gunfights.

Via Laura Rozen, you thought “Fox” Fallon was sacked from CENTCOM for not wanting war with Iran? Think again. (Yes, that is another blog of hers. More clubs than Fred Flintstone and Seve Ballesteros put together etc.)

Did you hear the one about Robert Fisk? The blog lay before me on the table, produced by WordPress.com, a division of the French Six Apart company. Its serial number was 6D4F006F. Later, I would confront Loic Le Meur of Six Apart in his Parisian office with the blog…

More Wesley Clark hate.

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